does the crest classic work better then renewal whitestrips for teeth and do these actually work?

Question by dasljkdaoaksj: does the crest classic work better then renewal whitestrips for teeth and do these actually work?

oh and how long do i keep these on my teeth for and is it true they cause sensitivity in the teeth
and is the sensitivity perm because i have 2 teeth right now that are real sensitive and i dont want it getting more forever

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Answer by jamrdh70
The renewal are stronger than the classic, see this chart

You will wear these twice a day for a 1/2 hour each time.
Read this post below for more info, including info about sensitivitity.

I can say that most of my patient’s have had some measure of success with the Crest Whitestrips(which cost about $ 20.00), some more than others. Our office uses the Supreme which are 4 times stronger than what you can get in the store (AND cost $ 60.00), but the others will work as well but take more time and possibly more than one kit. The results are usually pretty quick, noticeable in the first few days, best in a week or longer.If you can, do yourself the favor of using them right after you get your teeth cleaned as any staining and buildup (tartar, plaque, or orthodontic cement) will impede their ability to work. They will not whiten any white fillings you may have, but whiten uniformly. Also, don’t use fluoride toothpaste before putting the strips on (same reason). You should not drink or eat anything dark for at least 1/2 hour after using the strips.
The strips/trays are your least costly whitening method as compared to custom made trays or in office whitening ($ 500.00+) All of the methods (strips, trays, custom trays, in office whitening) have the potential to make your teeth temporarily sensitive, but will not harm the enamel. If you get sensitive use the product every other day in conjunction with a sensitive tooth toothpaste. You might try to drink dark liquids through a straw and don’t smoke. Most whitening toothpastes just remove stain on the surfaces of your teeth and therefore are not so effective. Whatever method you use it will not whiten your teeth for life, as you age your teeth will get darker and may need to be whitened again.

Good luck!

JAMRDH – a dental hygienist

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