how much does a teeth whitening cost?

Question by Shay: how much does a teeth whitening cost?
like done by a dentist or whatever. Not the little kits. I’m 17, getting my braces off soon, and i want to whiten my teeth for my senior picture.
What is the average cost?
oh and they arent that yellow. theyre just dull looking. theyve always been that way. i’d just like shiny new white teeth once i get my braces off.

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  1. it can be anywhere from 100-600 dollars to be done professionally. What you should do is look around for places that offer it (make sure they are certified) and get a quote on prices. It is unnecessary to spend 600 when you can get it for 100. If you have enough time untill your pictures, the crest white strips work very well, its best to put them on before you brush, then use the crest pre-rinse whitening mouth wash when you take the strips off.. Then brush with a whitening paste. Thats the cheapest way (if you have time). You will see GREAT results in a week or two. Also your teeth shouldn’t be THAT yellow or off color if you have been taking care of them, with or without braces 🙂

  2. The prices of professional teeth whitening In-Office is about $ 350 – $ 1000 per treatment, the average costs is about $ 500.
    Some dentists feel that the professional teeth whitening treatments should be followed up with the use of an at-home whitener. If so, you can expect that there will be an additional cost for this additional treatment, it is about $ 200.

    The prices of different professional teeth whitening brands

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