How to whiten teeth without a teeth whitening kit?

Question by Wolfie: How to whiten teeth without a teeth whitening kit?
I am trying to get my teeth white before my senior prom. My teeth are discolored from drinking coffee and tea and I used to smoke. The only problem is that I have braces, and they’re not coming off until right before prom so I don’t have time to use a whitening kit. What are some good alternatives to teeth whitening kits? I really want my teeth to be at least somewhat whiter before prom, even if it’s not the same results that I’d get with an at-home whitening kit.
Also I heard that if you drink coffee and tea through a straw, it won’t stain your teeth. Is this true?

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Answer by Beautiful People
Try a whitening toothpaste. I use colgate total and my teeth are beautiful! Also use whitening mouth wash. I’ve heard eating strawberries also whitens them and I’ve found it to be somewhat true. Definitely drop the coffee tho. Good luck(:

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