I need a mouth guard for TMJ, but it is too expensive.?

Question by crocolyle10: I need a mouth guard for TMJ, but it is too expensive.?
I am thinking of buying the whitening kit that includes a tray you heat and form to your mouth to use with the whitening agent. Will this suffice as a night time mouth guard, or do I run the risk of swallowing it in the night?

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Answer by icecoolraj
the tray that you get from the whitening kit is too thin to help with TMJ , for the TMJ you really need a custom fit mouthguard from your dentist which is why it is expensive but as a cheaper short term alternative one of the shock doctor mouthguards would be definitely better than the whitening tray. but you have to consider the value of keeping oyur teeth and jaws healthy against a few hundred bucks- could save you thousands at a later date. I have seen too many short term money saving solutions which will come back and bite you in the backside. good luck

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  1. Forget the mouth guard, it is so much easier to take a month off of work and have your jaw rebuilt.

  2. nurseflowergirl

    there is now an over the counter mouth guard, drs. night guard. its about 20 dollars. im sure if you go to any laege pharmacy chain drug store you will find it. it self fits to your teeth and is much safer than what you are thinking of trying.goodluck.

  3. Really I wouldn’t use the try from the whitening kit. The reason is that it is not designed to absorb the impact that a night guard will absorb for you. It is the impact of night time grinding that is aggravating the TMJ. There are night guards that you can get over the counter that you can buy that are probably just as expensive as the whitening kits are! They are not as expensive as the custom ones you can have done at the Doctors office. They are not custom made so not as comfortable, but they do the job very well and most of the time you can get a lot of relief from them. If you can not find that, go to a sporting goods place and get one of those thinner football guards that you can boil and then mold to your teeth, that would be the nest best thing. But truly ask the pharmacist about a night guard that is over the counter. They do make them.

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