Q&A: Best way to whiten your teeth?

Question by Pelirroja: Best way to whiten your teeth?
Without having to take an uber expensive trip to a dentist?
I’m aware brushing works, for the dumb f u c k s who aren’t giving me real answers.

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Answer by edhollawood
Brush regularly, idiot.

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  1. luckyirishgirl2004

    Our office does bleach trays that are made to fit your teeth. For the trays & eight tubes of bleach, it’s only $ 250 & they do actually work really well.

  2. crest premium whitestrips- about 26 bux in the stores.. I and my three teenagers have used them with awesome results. My dentist is impressed how white our teeth are. Ebay has them cheap.

  3. JimmieHendrix05

    My girlfriend used those whittening strips and she was very, very happy with the results.

    Give them a shot.

  4. Bleach, but whatever you do MAKE SURE you take them out of your head first, otherwise you’ll probably require serious medical attention 🙂

  5. colgate total plus whitening

  6. Go to your dentist and ask 4 white treatment. and new face. J/k uhuhuh

  7. bellybuttonlint

    3% hydrogen peroxide it really works…..just swish it around in your mouth like mouthwash and spit….do it daily and you’ll notice a difference right away

  8. I am studying dentistry and people always comment on my very white smile. I’m way too cheap to dish out hundreds of dollars. I use a kit that can be found at the supermarket. It’s called Plus White and it costs like $ 10. It has a mouth tray and I wear it for about 20 minutes. Sometimes, I’ll just wear it when I take a shower to multi-task. Anyhow, it really works and it’s the cheapest thing I’ve found.

    Whiten away!!

  9. Brush them!!!

  10. Brite smile at the dentist! Unless you have sensitive teeth, then maybe try getting trays made from your dentist and use the bleach over 2 weeks.

  11. its simple ..baking soda pour some on ur wet brush then afterwards wash with regular paste.. no need to buy expensive stuff..

  12. crest white strips

    Crest Whitestrips Supreme Professional Whitening System:


  13. punk princess!

    make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to use as toothpaste instead of your regular toothpaste. its not even a hassle to use but it tastes nasty… beware. but it works really well and is cheaper than normal toothpaste.

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