Q&A: does the rembrandt 2 hour whitening kit really work?

Question by Maura: does the rembrandt 2 hour whitening kit really work?
or is it a waste of $ $ ? i want a noticeable difference…lemme know if you or anyone you know has used it and has gotten good results…or not! thanks

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Answer by xoxo <3
yes i use it all the time ! its only $ 20 at walmart @ it really does work. sometimes you dont even need to use the whole kit

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  1. I used this and that Luster Blue Light, in 2 days I am 11 shades whiter. (went from a 14 to a 3, according to Lusters Scale) I can’t believe it actually worked, teeth/gums are a little sore….most likely caused I used both of these things but hey 11 shades in 2 days for less then $ 60 I can’t complain!

    I guess if ya wan2 brighten up your smile in 2 days use both of these systems and you’ll be shocked by how much whiter your teeth are…..

    brian, pa.


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