what could i use to bleach my teeth?

Question by billyjoe: what could i use to bleach my teeth?
what can i use to make my teeth whiter? I have tried whitening strips. and i wanna know what products can you buy to bleach your teeth.

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Answer by PenPress
You can also use Opalescence or Rembrandt take home kits to bleach your teeth.

For a quicker result you can get your dentist to do the Zoom Whitening for you.

However, you should read more to learn about bleaching:


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  1. baking soda.

  2. I brush with very strong whitening toothpaste which also protects enamel at least 4 times a day. I brush in circles and floss, mouthwash, and use whitening gum when I’m done. Once a week I brush my teeth with a few drops of lemon juice. Twice a week I brush with baking soda. I am also planning to buy Crest Whitening Strips, they’re the only ones that work! People ask me if I have veneers!

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