What does it meanwhen someone says that they bleach their teeth at home? Directions?

Question by That one girl you saw: What does it meanwhen someone says that they bleach their teeth at home? Directions?

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There are numerous over the counter products you can buy to bleach your teeth at home. Crest White Strips, I even think that Listerine makes some. The Crest ones actually do a pretty decent job, I haven’t really looked into the others. The directions will be on he box, but normally you wear them from a half hour to an hour each day. The other option might be that they got bleaching trays from their dentist and are using those. They are clear plastic trays that fit your teeth exactly. There is a tiny amount of extra space in them to hold the bleach. You put a tiny amount of the bleaching gel into each tooth space and put them on. We tell people to wear them for about an hour each day. Hope this helps.

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  1. This usually refers to obtaining a bleaching or teeth whitening kit from either a dentist or store. The ones from dentists are usually more potent and specific—a dental mold is made to fit exactly over your teeth. Store-bought ones are generally whitening strips placed over the teeth. They are generally less effective because of weaker bleaching ingredients, but safer to use.

    As far as the professional kits, an injector of a bleaching paste is squeezed out onto the inner surface of the dental mold. After cleaning your teeth thoroughly, the mold with paste is placed carefully over the teeth and typically left in while you sleep or a couple of hours while awake.

    Do this for a period of about 1 week and the teeth become quite noticeably whiter.

    There are some disadvantages:
    -If the bleach paste gets onto your gums, your gums may become discolored.
    -If the paste is not spread evenly over your teeth, you may get blotching or spotting.
    -If you bleach too often, the enamel may get weaker and your teeth with be much more sensitive. If this occurs, stop bleaching immediately.

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