What is the avg. cost for Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Question by mateofp5: What is the avg. cost for Zoom Teeth Whitening?
I remember seeing an ad for Zoom! whitening in my dentist’s office but forgot to ask about it. Any idea on how much it costs? I’m only a high school student and price is crucial especially when im jobless…

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Answer by Vanessa B
$ 400-$ 500 if you are going to do it at your dental office. However, i wouldn’t recommend Zoom whitening. It’s too expensive and although the results are quick, your teeth will be extremely sensitive after you do it. I would go with Crest White Strips first seeing as you are a high school student.. If you are unhappy with the results then you should consider saving for a take home whitening kit from your dental office that is more potent then OTC whitening products.

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