Whitening strips and then professional whitening?

Question by Sam: Whitening strips and then professional whitening?
Im getting my senior picture for the yearbook taken next week, and my teeth are super yellow with white patches (just got braces off a month ago). So i really wanna use the Crest 3d whitening strips. Would it be okay to do that if i intend on getting my teeth proffessionally whitened sometime within the next 2-3 months? Like would it damage my teeth?

p.s. can’t change the date of the picture..

Thanx a ton!

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Answer by Honestandy
Hi Sam! The only thing that will work really fast and get you ready for picture day is professional dental grade carbamide peroxide. Don’t mess with the crest strips (tried those too) as they will take too long to barely whiten your teeth. I ordered a do it yourself home kit called “White Radiance” and that stuff is really powerful! It cost me about 50 bucks and shipped in 5 business days unless you want to pay for overnight shipping. You put the provided teeth moldings in boiling water and then as they begin to melt you put it in your teeth and create suction and they create a mold of your teeth. You then put the carbamide peroxide into the moldings and wear it for an hour. The way I did it was to cut the moldings so that they won’t touch my gums because they burn a lot and your gums will become white for a few hours. I wore it for two hours while watching a movie. I repeated this for 3 days and my teeth are amazing and beautiful now. I get lots of compliments when I smile. Beware as you will feel sensitivity and painful tingling for hours. Another way to do it is pay a dentist about 600 dollars and they can whiten it in one session. But I’d go for the home kit. Those last for a year in your fridge and you can reuse it anytime you want a little extra whitening. After whitening your teeth try and stay away from dark drinks and foods and always brush with baking soda afterwards. Best wishes and happy picture day!

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  1. You should be just fine using the crest 3d strips. it would still be ok to have your teeth whitened professionally in the next 2-3 months
    read this:

  2. Hi Sam,
    Hope You Had A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Years…

    Well I read Honest Andy’s answer and can’t come up with much else…

    I do know some dentists use a laser treatment that is very effect and has almost instant results, however I am sure they want a bundle.

    The Hydrogen Peroxide sounds OK, however I would not do that to much as it may have permanent effects on your enamel…

    Good Luck And Congratulations…

    Greg …

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